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Re: Touchscreen Ultrabooks running Debian?

On 22.09.13 23:56, Carl Fink wrote:
What's misleading? It says "AMD" on the label but it means "many CPUs only
some of which are made by AMD." You don't see it as misleading because
you're too familiar with the very specialized meaning of the term (a
specific CPU _technology_ invented by AMD) but to anyone coming from outside
that tiny club you belong to (such as me) it's clearly meant for AMD

You are too narrow-minded. It says "AMD" because it's the architecture
designed by AMD.  Would it be named "intel", "ia" or "x86_64", we'd be in
thesame situation because it's not only for Intel CPUs and the last CPU
namex *86 was made (not even mentioning introduced) years ago.

I feel you just tend have wrong assumptions (or conclusions?).
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