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Re: Debian 7.0.0 and Acer Aspire 7250

On 09.05.2013 22:41, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
You may need firmware-linux-nonfree and libdrm-radeon1

libdrm-radeon1 is on the install cd. aptitude and everything is well.

Now, firmware-linux-nonfree is on the nonfree repository. Did change sources.list only to find out there is no networking. The install had is somehow working.

Expert install and minimal text-only install should help debug this :)

I have two options with an android device. Either tether it and make the network available through USB. Don't know how on the console, although it looks nice to be stuck at the console after what? 15 years?

Second option is to make the android box a hotspot. But how? The most rudimentary mode I know is with Wicd. And that needs a graphical platform. Which I don't have at the moment.


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