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Re: Debian 7.0.0 and Acer Aspire 7250

On Thu, May 09, 2013 at 05:48:04PM +0200, Moon Jones wrote:
> Some time ago I have bought this Acer Aspire 7250. Seems to be a
> piece of junk. Preinstalled windows works well as long as you don't
> mess with its preinstalled crap. Otherwise it loses functionality.
> I have run Fedora Core with no issues. Out of the box one might say.
> But I don't like the testing type of distro as it generates a lot of
> updates and I have a bad Internet connection.
> I have moved to Debian 6. Works nice. But the screen was 1024x768
> instead of 1600x900. The resolution issue was solvable only after
> installing some old flavour of the closed Radeon drivers and it kept
> showing some text in the lower right corner. Unknown hardware or
> something like that. That and Gnome was stuck at 2.x. So I have
> decided to give up Debian waiting for Debian 7 and Gnome 3.
> Windows is only a failsafe solution. And Debian 7 is out. I got the
> XFCE CD1, boot off it, did the configuration without network,
> leaving that for later. Everything went well with the advanced
> features, both text and graphical.
> Than I boot into the new system. All seems well. Till the moment the
> interface should start. First there was a dark screen. That lightens
> up at the margins. Than the screen changes with time into a dull
> gray. That's it! I have tried to change the console at the start.
> Now I get a nice succession: the basic colors (green, yellow, blue,
> red) than some wide grayscale bands left–right from light to dark,
> than some thin bands top to bottom, than the colors again.
> It's so damn frustrating to be so close and not having a functional
> system. As usual, the reviews praise the ease of use. I don't even
> get a crappy 1024x768 screen from where I can try installing some
> driver. The network support of the install is still lost in 1995:
> ethernet of wifi, but no browser for passing the few I accept of a
> free Wifi connection.
> The Acer Aspire 7250 I have uses AMD Radeon 6310 chipset.
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You may need firmware-linux-nonfree and libdrm-radeon1

Expert install and minimal text-only install should help debug this :)

Hope this helps,


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