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Debian 7.0.0 and Acer Aspire 7250

Some time ago I have bought this Acer Aspire 7250. Seems to be a piece of junk. Preinstalled windows works well as long as you don't mess with its preinstalled crap. Otherwise it loses functionality.

I have run Fedora Core with no issues. Out of the box one might say. But I don't like the testing type of distro as it generates a lot of updates and I have a bad Internet connection.

I have moved to Debian 6. Works nice. But the screen was 1024x768 instead of 1600x900. The resolution issue was solvable only after installing some old flavour of the closed Radeon drivers and it kept showing some text in the lower right corner. Unknown hardware or something like that. That and Gnome was stuck at 2.x. So I have decided to give up Debian waiting for Debian 7 and Gnome 3.

Windows is only a failsafe solution. And Debian 7 is out. I got the XFCE CD1, boot off it, did the configuration without network, leaving that for later. Everything went well with the advanced features, both text and graphical.

Than I boot into the new system. All seems well. Till the moment the interface should start. First there was a dark screen. That lightens up at the margins. Than the screen changes with time into a dull gray. That's it! I have tried to change the console at the start. Now I get a nice succession: the basic colors (green, yellow, blue, red) than some wide grayscale bands left–right from light to dark, than some thin bands top to bottom, than the colors again.

It's so damn frustrating to be so close and not having a functional system. As usual, the reviews praise the ease of use. I don't even get a crappy 1024x768 screen from where I can try installing some driver. The network support of the install is still lost in 1995: ethernet of wifi, but no browser for passing the few I accept of a free Wifi connection.

The Acer Aspire 7250 I have uses AMD Radeon 6310 chipset.

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