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Re: Measures against overheating

> router. So, to stop the continuous harddisk access, i just de-installed
> rsyslog daemon.
> Then, i made /var/log a tmpfs and out of curiosity, just to see if ot works,
> reinstalled rsyslog again. As expceted, after each boot, the standard logs
> get created at syslog start (which is in desktop runlevel rc2, in debian)
> and so far noone is barfing.

Note that this risks will fill your ram&swap with logs, next time some
problem shows up causing infinitely repeated log entries.  For this
reason I prefer to install busybox-syslogd: it's much smaller than
rsyslogd, keeps the logs in memory (like your tmpfs) but only keeps the
last few KBs of it, so there's no risk of overflowing.


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