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Re: Measures against overheating / Was: static or dynamic /dev

Vladan Cvejic wrote:
> few days ago I was playing with idle3-tools on WD that was clicking due to
> head parking every 2-3 mins. In 24 hours of work I managed to gain 600 load
> cycles.

I have that problem of continuously increasing load cycle count from
head parking with a brand new Seagate 2T drive.  It isn't just WD with
this problem anymore.

> With idle3 I put idle time from 80 (8sec) to 3000 (5 min). Now - no
> clicking but heating is going up to 42-43degC. Is this temperature
> degrading HDD...Should I keep it cooler and how?

I am suspicious that head parking which increases the load cycle count
would decrease the temperature.  Correlation is not causation.  I am
thinking that it must be due to something different.

> Also - tried to do the same thing to old PATA drive with 200k load cycles
> (also WD). Idle3 is obviously not working on PATA. I have return it to
> living with a lot of effort.
> Is there any way to reduce numbers of load cycles on PATA drives?

On the Seagate I can use 'hdparm -B 254' (or perhaps 255) to control this:

       -B     Get/set Advanced Power Management feature, if the drive
              supports it.  A low value means aggressive power
              management and a high value means better performance.
              Possible settings range from values 1 through 127 (which
              permit spin-down), and values 128 through 254 (which do
              not permit spin-down).  The highest degree of power
              management is attained with a setting of 1, and the
              highest I/O performance with a setting of 254.  A value
              of 255 tells hdparm to disable Advanced Power Management
              altogether on the drive (not all drives support
              disabling it, but most do).

Since for me it was only problematic on a particular type of drive and
I wanted to associate this only with that specific drive I looked at
the disk /dev/disk/by-id and associated it like this in the
hdparm.conf file.  However other settings that you understand would
also be fine.

File /etc/hdparm.conf:
  /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_ST2000DM001-9YN_S1E0CAP9 {
          apm = 254

Without that the load cycle count was climbing at an average of nine
head parking load cycle count increases per hour every hour.  With the
above setting in place the load cycle count stopped increasing.


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