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Re: Measures against overheating

Vladan, maybe the hdparm -m and -M options would ba also interesting for you. 

It's amazing what you learn and discover just by dropping into some random mailing list question. For example, you made me just install cpufreqd on my PC where i never considered that a priority. But why should i waste energy ? And it definitely effects heat. I find the cpufreq config quite easy to understand.

While i know we're talking Laptops here, but as a sidenote, on this PC, the hot GPU card is directly under the CPU fan, and the case does not have any side opening. Apparently makes the CPU fan blow the hot GPU air onto the CPU chip :| 

I wanted to equip the case with one of those large, slow side fans, since long. Some modern cases even have a second sidewall fan directed at the harddisk slots. Well, i always just put the busy system disk out-of-case, main problem solved. (Using a 50cm SATA cable)

As for the dust, i plan to place 3 or 4 small quiet indoor fountains around the PC.

- kidding.

As another sidenote, i've a couple of rarely used storage disks (like Backups or Archives) which i'd like to send hdparm -Y at boot time, but then, linux apparently needs to wake them up (hard resetting) at shutdown just to tell them to shutdown. Sucks. Any idea ? this is kernel 3.0.2 on Debian testing.



> I have that problem of continuously increasing load cycle count from
> head parking with a brand new Seagate 2T drive.  It isn't just WD with
> this problem anymore.

Many thanks ! - I'll keep an eye on that.

> File /etc/hdparm.conf:

I'm trying to not change the default config templates, because linux does not have any mechanism to merge user modifications into template updates, so user have to do it manually. Therefore i gathered all possible tweaks in my personal boot script called by /etc/rc.local. (Another possibility is /etc/default/hdparm)

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