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wake on lan: power on no boot

I'm wanting to wake my philips freeline X10 (circa 2004) using wol.

I've enabled power on from PCI in the bios, and I've used ethtool and /etc/network/interfaces to ensure that wake on magick packet is enabled for eth0 on every boot. I can confirm this with
# ethtool eth0
(the laptop is connect to the router by an ethernet cable)

After powering off the laptop if I send a magick packet using
# wakeonlan -i <ip address> <mac address>
The laptop powers on (that is, the power led turns on and the DVD drive spins up a couple of times) but nothing boots. I'm left with a blank screen. It might also be relevant that a usb peripheral (a sound card, in this case) doesn't power on even though it would normally power on at around the same time as the DVD drive spinning up during a normal (non-wol) boot.

Does anyone have any ideas what this might be? I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance.


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