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Re: firmware dead on HP 8510w

Jens Peter Nielsen wrote:
> Ubuntu 12.10 made the display on a HP Compaq 8510w flicker and go
> black. This happened with the setup, nouveau driver i guess.
> ...
> I did a new installation with ubuntu 12.10 - flickering problem
> persisted,  but it worked on external monitor - but somehow, after
> some reboots, the laptop is completely dead.

That reads like a hardware failure to me.  Unfortunately it will
probably need to be repaired or replaced.

> I logged a bug with Ubuntu - but no reaction yet.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/+bug/1127845

While Ubuntu is a fork of Debian and many things are therefore similar
the Linux kernel in Ubuntu is a much different version than the one in
Debian.  Debian Stable Linux kernel version is 2.6.32 while Ubuntu's
12.10 Linux kernel is IIRC a 3.4 version.  There have been a lot of
changes there and they do their own packaging.  This is an area where
I would make no assumption about them being similar.  You need Ubuntu

Since you were using Ubuntu already it really only makes sense to use
Ubuntu resources to debug it.  Because reading your report you never
mentioned installing Debian on your system so I don't see how this
involves Debian any more than if you had installed Gentoo or Arch.
The Linux kernels in those Gentoo and Arch are much more similar to
Ubuntu than Debian.

Sorry.  Good luck!


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