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Re: Multimedia/Volume Keys Not Working

Matthew Dawson wrote:
> Harvey Kelly wrote:
> > Running Wheezy and the multimedia/volume keys don't work in
> > Windowmaker (they work fine with Gnome and Xfce4), nor from the
> > console.
> I think your problem may occur because you have nothing listening to
> those key strokes.  Gnome, Xfce 4, and other DE's have programs that
> listen for those key presses and respond accordingly.  It shouldn't
> be realted to either ALSA or pulseaudio.  Do you have an appropriate
> program running that listens to them (I've never used Windowmaker,
> so I don't know what it would use)?

You didn't say what laptop model you have but my ThinkPad needs the
'tpb' (think pad buttons) package installed to handle those
functions.  Here is some documentation on it.


Perhaps your laptop is similar.


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