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Re: Drivers for Toshiba Tecra-R840-10T (PT429E-00M007EP)


2011/6/11 Martin Schulz <mschulz45@googlemail.com>:
> And then, why not run a live cd on your toshie, using tools like
> lshw, lspci, hwinfo ? they can give
>   very verbose, detailed specs of whatever hardware
>   nvidia graphics still do less hassle than most other vendors, from my
> view,

Thanks for your reply. I prefer Debian to its derivates, although i
might end up with the odd binary driver from Ubuntu (or maybe from
non-free). I have an itch at HP for some reason, Lenovo's thinkpads
are rumoured not being what they used to (nor can i find one that
pleases be) and Dell's broad array of configuration options makes it
hard to pick. I tend to prefer Toshiba and Asus (and stay the hell
away from Acer). This Tecra's my main option, but i'm still looking at

This one comes with an ATI, but they're supposed to provide the driver
(like nvidia does i guess, i've always used the nv on this desktop).
I don't have the laptop yet, so can't run anything on it; stumbling on
someone who'd cpuz-ed one would be nice. The liveCD will be the first
approach, especially if the vendor lets me do it while still in store.
I might linger on to the default OS for a while, else something might
be dead-on-arrival and i'd have to claim warranty.

Older Toshiba laptops do have linux drivers, which makes me confident
that if new ones don't, it's a matter of time (which always is, in the

Thanks for your input.

Mars 2 Stay!

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