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Re: Drivers for Toshiba Tecra-R840-10T (PT429E-00M007EP)

On Sat, 2011-06-11 at 02:24 +0100, Nuno Magalhães wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd assume this list to be more appropriate than debian-user. I'm
> considering this laptop (or a similar one) but i'd like to know if
> there are drivers for it first.So far i haven't found any decent specs
> regarding the chipsets it may use.
> It has a Radeon HD 6450M graphics card (AMD/ATI provides a binary
> driver) and the Wireless chip might be Intel (or Atheros). I'm at a
> loss when it comes to other components like 3G, LAN, Bluetooth, AHCI,
> etc.
> There are some fairly complete spec sheets at csd.toshiba.com but not
> for this model (apparently), nor is it searcheable by part number.
> Toshiba forums are almost completely useless as most just say We Only
> Support Windows™. Other forums and linux laptop sites don't seem to
> have this model yet.
> It's fairily new so i was counting on someone who bought one already.
> I'm beginning to think it'll probably be worth it just to stick awound
> with Windows7 for the whole of the warranty (instead of just long
> enough to check every component works as expected) while i keep
> searching.
> Any help on this department? Are there any particular brands which are
> more linux-friendly?
> TIA,
> Nuno
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I have always found hp to be good with ubuntu.
Cheers the Kiwi

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