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Drivers for Toshiba Tecra-R840-10T (PT429E-00M007EP)


I'd assume this list to be more appropriate than debian-user. I'm
considering this laptop (or a similar one) but i'd like to know if
there are drivers for it first.So far i haven't found any decent specs
regarding the chipsets it may use.

It has a Radeon HD 6450M graphics card (AMD/ATI provides a binary
driver) and the Wireless chip might be Intel (or Atheros). I'm at a
loss when it comes to other components like 3G, LAN, Bluetooth, AHCI,

There are some fairly complete spec sheets at csd.toshiba.com but not
for this model (apparently), nor is it searcheable by part number.
Toshiba forums are almost completely useless as most just say We Only
Support Windows™. Other forums and linux laptop sites don't seem to
have this model yet.

It's fairily new so i was counting on someone who bought one already.
I'm beginning to think it'll probably be worth it just to stick awound
with Windows7 for the whole of the warranty (instead of just long
enough to check every component works as expected) while i keep

Any help on this department? Are there any particular brands which are
more linux-friendly?


Mars 2 Stay!

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