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RE: Upgrading Lenny to Squeeze

> Are xorg and gnome actually installed?  When I upgraded from Lenny to
> Sid a couple months ago I got myself into trouble by blindly accepting
> Aptitude's recommendations without actually reading them.

In My recent upgrade, Xorg was unninstalled due to the dependecy problems I had. Reinstalling it Just worked fine with my lenny xorg.conf.

> Seems like the only way to do things right is clean install? Learned from other people's mistakes.

No! Of course not!
I use Debian on my notebook since Etch, withou never doing a clean install, Just upgrading. 
For Lenny, I have waited for the release to upgrade, what makes thigs a little easier. But now I was to much anxious to wait for Squeeze (cause of kde4, ooo, etc...).
The only problems was by not upgrading the kernel first, but now it's everthing working fine. :)

> I have been avoiding hardware that isn't mainstream.  

Unfortunately, that not always possible. Mainly for notebooks. But upgrading to a new kernel, boot it, and then install every module needed before full-upgrade is not a pain.
For me, my only problem was madwifi. But I had just to unninstall it and use the new kernel ath5k module (that didn't work in  my old kernel). Any additional modules that I need could be installed easy by m-a.

Paulo Diovani Gonçalves

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