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Tie Your Tail to a High Flying Kite

Are you hearing about us from a lot of the Super Internet Marketers?

If not then this just may be why:

This program was designed so that every single person who joins has the exact same opportunity to earn money.  What that means is that the cream does not rise to the top!

How many programs have you jumped on where someone sent you an email telling you how much money they made in their first week!

Well that really is not important to you!  What should be important is how much money is the team making!

Sure it's easy for a huge marketer with thousands of people following them to make it big in programs where it all rises to the top but the little guy is left behind wondering "What Happened"!   But how easy is it for the ordinary person who is just getting started or who has not yet developed a large list to market to or who has fallen victim to the Hype emails about how much some big marketer has made!

Let's bring it down to the people!

And for all the big marketers out there who absolutely love mailers, you are going to love DOT!  When you join DOT you are getting 2 solo ads to our very responsive list of members and you also get a spot in DOT!

Degree Of Three (DOT) has no admin fee despite advice from other huge marketers that that's the only way to make money.  But our interest is not just in us making money but in you making money as well.  Because that is the secret to longevity.

The only money we make in DOT is when we cycle - just like you do.

So, tie your tail to a high flying kite and get onboard today and work with a team which is for "The People"!  All the People!

and that this team of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the world wide web!


Check out your Alertpay and Paypal acccounts and see how many you are still paying where you are getting nothing in return and you just may find enough money to come onboard with DOT!


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If you no longer wish to receive emails from us than please respond to rb@braccoteam.com and put "Remove" in the subject line or send a regular mail to Robbie Bracco 36043 E Spring Lake Blvd, Fruitland Park FL 34731 352 787 0175

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