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Re: Upgrading Lenny to Squeeze

Paulo Diovani wrote:
> Well people, I managed to upgrade successfully. Install the new
> kernel and reboot prior to update did the trick.

Good news.

> Sure that i'm with a lot of problems now... no X server, no Wireless
> network (i'll start another thread for that).  That's why I didn't
> want to upgrade the kernel at all. If I had read the release notes
> first, as Said Bob, i Could upgrade my kernel and install all
> additional modules to prevent the current problems.

I didn't mention it but as far as I can tell there aren't complete
release notes for the upgrade yet.  That will definitely be one of the
things that will need to be finished before the Squeeze release.
There is a lot of documentation on initially installing.  But not so
much right now on upgrading.  But many of us have been upgrading
systems and upgrades do continue to work just fine, with the linux
kernel version issue known.

An advantage of upgrading the kernel first is that the new kernel
installs alongside the old kernel.  You can do this without breaking
your old system.  If you have problems booting the new kernel you
should be able to boot back to the old kernel easily.  Then keep
working the new kernel problem to get it functioning with your
hardware until you have it working.  Then complete the rest of the
system upgrade.

> For all who wants to upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze, first install
> the a new kernel and all necessary modules.

I have been avoiding hardware that isn't mainstream.  All of my
current hardware can be automatically detected and configured.
Sometimes finding the right hardware can be a challenge but the long
term maintenance is much easier.

> After boot the new kernel, I suggest to upgrade dpkg and apt-get or
> aptitude first (aptitude -t testing install dpkg apt-get aptitude),
> just for safety. Then i'll be ok to run an "aptitude full-upgrade"
> or "apt-get dist-upgrade".

I have been successful doing an 'apt-get upgrade', which doesn't
change any package names, and then an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' next,
which does add and remove packages.


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