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Upgrading Lenny to Squeeze

Hi, people. Yesterday I started to upgrade my Debian installation (on na Acer Aspire) to Squeeze, but things gone really bad.


I did na aptitude full-upgrade and after download finished (about 2GB) dpkg accused a loto f missed dependencies and warns me of the risk of upgrading udev without upgrading the kernel first. I was not planning to upgrade my kernel, but as it’s need i’ll do that, but now, for every install command apt tries to install all the packages it should upgrade (what does not work).


Some packages was already unninstalled (includding aptitude), but seens that no one was installed yet.


I don’t remember how to make apt forget what packages it should install.

Can someone tell me how to make apt forgets the upgrade list for now, Just to allow me to install a new kernel and aptitude again, for later upgrade?



Is Sid required, atm, for sqeeze works without dependecy faults?



Paulo Diovani Gonçalves


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