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RE: Upgrading Lenny to Squeeze

Well people, I managed to upgrade successfully. Install the new kernel and reboot prior to update did the trick.

Sure that i'm with a lot of problems now... no X server, no Wireless network (i'll start another thread for that). 
That's why I didn't want to upgrade the kernel at all. If I had read the release notes first, as Said Bob, i Could upgrade my kernel and install all additional modules to prevent the current problems.

For all who wants to upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze, first install the a new kernel and all necessary modules. After boot the new kernel, I suggest to upgrade dpkg and apt-get or aptitude first (aptitude -t testing install dpkg apt-get aptitude), just for safety. Then i'll be ok to run an "aptitude full-upgrade" or "apt-get dist-upgrade".

Thanks for all the help.
Paulo Diovani Gonçalves

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