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Re: what laptop to buy - suggestion for Debian project developers

I would agree that many are support now. I have had a lot of luck with Toshiba. They seem to have more models that have compliant components. If you want a serious development laptop, Look at the X505 series. I ordered one with a quad core i7 series with hyperthreading 6 GB ram, 64 GB solid state and 320 GB HDs. It acts like 8 processors to linux. Using the -j8 fage for make this makes compiles go real fast in most cases... The only catches were having to load the Nvidia drivers and having to install the Realtek wireless driver from their site. The Nvidia is not opensource but works well. The Tealtek is distrubuted as source but not sure on licensing. Can't remember off the top of my head. Everything else worked out of the box with Lenny. I did use the backports 2.6.30 kernel though... Even things like the webcam worked with no issues....


Stefan Monnier wrote:
So, it appears that, in Western Australia, neither laptop computers, nor
desktop computers, are available, that are new, that are compatible with
Linux, and that are reasonably priced (under 1100 AUD), and that can do what
I want (including 1240x1024 graphics resolution).

Don't about Western Australia, but there are nowadays some computers you
can buy which come natively with support for GNU/Linux.
Other than Dell, I'll mention the Lemote machines (hard to get outside
of China, tho, in my experience), the Fit-PC2, the TouchBook, ...


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