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Re: ram increasing

> As you surely know, that's a metaphysical question, like does God exist  
> or not.

Indeed.  By adding 1G of RAM you're actually increasing the total amount
of logical-memory available, so you'll likely use (and need) *less* swap
than before.

> *Unless* you plan to use hibernation (suspend to disk), for
> which the swap partition is used: in that case, your swap partition
> should at least match your installed RAM -- although in practice,
> memory pages are compressed before hibernating, so you might actually
> get away with a smaller swap partition than your RAM.

Actually, the connection between swap size and memory size for
hibernation is fairly tenuous.  Not only are pages compressed, but also
many of the pages are simply discarded (they're just caching data that's
already somewhere on the disk).


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