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Re: ram increasing

roberto wrote:
> i am about to double the size of my laptop ram from 1 to 2GB;
> actually the swap space is 1906 MB (almost twice as the ram) but i
> wonder if it is mandatory or simply better to double it again when i
> double the size of the ram as well;

In the default Linux kernel configuration with overcommit enabled it
is not required.  However depending upon how you use your laptop your
use of it may require the swap space.  If you run a set of programs
such that your total swap use requires it then you do require it.  But
it is a data dependent behavior and depends upon your data.  Very
likely you won't need it with the default linux memory overcommit

Whether you want to disable linux memory overcommit or not is a
completely different topic.  The second thread below has a relatively
large discussion about it.  I think the entire thread is interesting.




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