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rollback X, SIS671/771

Hello all

I have a SIS 671/771 graphics card in my laptop (Fujitsu Esprimo
v5535) which has always given me grief. It was running smoothly with
resolution up to 1024x800 however with a driver I downloaded from the
net[1] on my debian squeeze/sid (apt prefers testing).

After the xorg update from last night though the downloaded driver
(sisimedia) stopped working and even after a good bit of fiddling with
xorg.conf I only get the vesa-driver running (800x600). Which is - of
course - not very nice...

So, two questions:

1. How can I rollback my X to the way it was before?
2. Anybody had any success with the mentioned graphics card?

TIA, Sebastian

[1] http://ncc-1701a.homelinux.net/~linux-sis/index.php?page=Downloads

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