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Re: Re: Suspend/Reboot issues on a Pavilion dv5 laptop

Thanks Arthur for the hint. I will see if I can solve the problem and will report back. It seems to be a problem with many users as it can be seen from Ubuntu forums.

I tried the free nVidia driver but it caused more problems. The system would not wake up properly (just a blank screen) and the quality is very low. The quality is fine on a normal display but on a wide laptop panel it does not look good. The blank screen I think does have workarounds, though.

I actually installed Kubuntu 9.10 to give the new KDE a try. It was then that I realized the new kernel in Kubuntu does a better job so I reinstalled Lenny (I always return to Debian) with the newer kernel. In Kubuntu it worked very well out of box so this mush be software issue.

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