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Re: Suspend/Reboot issues on a Pavilion dv5 laptop

Dne, 08. 01. 2010 17:36:51 je Nima Azarbayjany napisal(a):

2. Screen is dimmed to the lowest level after resuming from the first suspend.

If that might be relevant, I use the proprietary nVidia driver.

IMHE these issues are generally very much related to the video driver you use. You should definitely give the FLOSS driver(s) a try too. Or, alternatively, find a live GNU/Linux CD capable of suspending/resuming your particular laptop (recent Ubuntus, Mandrivas and OpenSUSEs have quite robust suspend implementations), to see if the issue is hardware- or software- (kernel/driver) related.

Another thing worth trying: (some) HP laptops used to have official software packages for resetting the laptop to its defaults. With some luck, you may be able to find such a software package for your particular model on the HP site, although it will most certainly require Windows to run ...


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