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Re: color wonky on external monitor

On Wednesday 28 October 2009 19:40:46 Tyler Smith wrote:
> However, on resuming from hibernate, the
> colors are all wrong - the screen looks like a rainbow. I can still make
> out the windows and even read some of the text, which allows me to exit
> fluxbox and restart X. After that everything is fine.

Try doing 

xset dpms force suspend

and then move the mouse or hit a key to see if the display comes back 
properly. My laptop gives a blank white screen on resume from hibernate and 
the above helps. Since you're using fluxbox, it may be easier to set up a 
shortcut for this command before you do the hibernate. That will ease your job 
instead of having to type the command correctly in a messed up display.

Gireesh Sreekantan

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