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Re: fglrx: Out of memory when allocating device heads


On Tuesday 06 October 2009 04:20:10 Michael wrote:
> It still does not really work.  The 'radeonhd' driver appears to have no GL direct rendering. Google earth, for example, barfs that it will be using a slow emulation.
> When i used the 'radeon' driver it would not enable the maximal resolution (1400x1050@16) so i stick with 'radeonhd'. Interestingly this one does not depend on the firmware-linux package, and i deinstalled it.
radeonhd will still probably need firmware-linux, even though it doesn't depend on it.  In order to enable acceleration, the firmware for your card has to be uploaded to the card's ram, requiring the firmware-linux package.
> I tried to downgrade Xorg and any fglrx packages to 'stable' but then fglrx-source would no more build. It also seemed that reinstalling fglrx messed up radeonhd somehow, and i had to purge all fglrx-* packages to get it clean again.
The fglrx-glx will cause the radeonhd driver to misbehave as it replaces the implementation of GL with an ati specific version.  If you use radeonhd that package has to be uninstalled.


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