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Re: [OT] Sidux, New HP AMD/ATI dv4 Pavilion - sound, fan, ...

Incoming from emisca:
> 2009/1/17 s. keeling <keeling@nucleus.com>:
> > Hi.  This is a nice box.  I've installed Sidux' latest on it.
> >
> > The fan runs constantly.  Gkrellm reports 161.6 F; is that normal?
> > The machine is generally just ticking over, as in not doing anything.
> > Why's the fan running constantly?
> >
> > I've spent the past three days hunting for clues.  k8temp kernel
> > module, lm_sensors, ... no effect.  Suggestions please?
> >
> > AMD Turion Dual core, ATI Radeon graphics, 3 Gb RAM.
> Check the bios of the machine, there is an option called, "fan always on".

Thanks for the suggestion, but the solution is to fight with cpufreqd,
lm_sensors, et al.  Esoteric stuff to me.  Now it's at 57 C.

BTW, it's now running Lenny.  Sidux was a reserch expedition for me.
I'll keep watching.

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