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HP Pavillion dv 6000 special keys dead after a couple of updates

Hello everyone,

I own an HP Pavillion dv 6000. Anybody who's ever seen a laptop of this line will understand what I mean by "special keys": A set of touch-sensitive (I'm not sure how to describe  it, think of a key you can just tap to activate, you don't need to actually press it, much like a touch - screen monitor) keys placed above the f1, f2, etc keys whose purpose is mainly to manage media (open default media player, rewind movie or song and stop/pause movie or song, among others). They also make an annoying noise when one activates them, but that doesn't have anything to do with the OS, but more with the design choice of the hardware designers.

Normally I wouldn't mind that all of those keys seem to be dead after a couple of updates, but I usually manage my volume from the three respective keys (volume up, down, and mute) so I'm a little bit concerned because right now I'm not able to manage my volume at all. What I mean by "dead" is that while I understand that they're not broken (due to the little leds underneath being active AND the annoying noise always being there), Debian doesn't seem to be able to 'read' them at all. Again I say that this behavior has been observed lately, after a couple of general system updates. It used to work fine after my first updates, when my system was relatively fresh. The problem maniifests itself in both GNOME and KDE sessions.

I'm running Debian Squeeze.

Thank you for your time,


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