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Re: Return Debian on laptop lenovo N200 (0687-2ES) issues?

El sáb, 09-05-2009 a las 23:30 +1930, Ignacio Jose De Abasolo R
> Hello everyone! 
> Sorry for my English, too basic. I'm from Venezuela. Long time ago i
> use debian (woddy and sarge) on my desktop,  then i buyed a laptop for
> work and must be use Ubuntu...
> Ubuntu have a lot of problem...  the most important is bad acpi and
> overheat...  cd/dvd-rom fail...   etc..
> My laptop is a lenovo 3000 N200 (0687-2ES)  
> Somebody has problems with lenny and this model of laptop?
> I need to change my linux (ubuntu) and i like Debian  but i can't lose
> time resolve a problem, then another and another...  I know tha always
> exist problem on laptops... but i need low, basic and not much
> problems.

Your problem seems too weird but you can try Debian Live CD and see if
it works. If doesn't, you can try to fix your DSDT tables or, at last,
boot with "noacpi" kernel parameter.

> Thanks Everyone 
> Ignacio José De Abásolo



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