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Return Debian on laptop lenovo N200 (0687-2ES) issues?

Hello everyone!

Sorry for my English, too basic. I'm from Venezuela. Long time ago i use debian (woddy and sarge) on my desktop,  then i buyed a laptop for work and must be use Ubuntu...

Ubuntu have a lot of problem...  the most important is bad acpi and overheat...  cd/dvd-rom fail...   etc..

My laptop is a lenovo 3000 N200 (0687-2ES) 

Somebody has problems with lenny and this model of laptop?

I need to change my linux (ubuntu) and i like Debian  but i can't lose time resolve a problem, then another and another...  I know tha always exist problem on laptops... but i need low, basic and not much problems.

Thanks Everyone

Ignacio José De Abásolo

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