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Re: Problems with NDISWrapper


I do not have this notebook, but from what you are telling, could it
be a hardware problem? I mean, that the card is not correctly boot up
or powered and, thus, is not detected?



2009/3/9, Vojtech Krizek <vkweb@centrum.cz>:
> Hi,
> I've got same problem as you and it also does with broadcom original wl
> driver, so it seems like not only driver related problem.
> Xorg works OK for me, also with external display. I've got 1024x600
> screen version. If you want my xorg.conf I'll send you it.
> Vojta
>> Hi,
>> I've got Debian Lenny installed on an HP2133 (their little NetBook
>> thing) and apart from having a massive pain getting Xorg to use the
>> right resolution (now resolved) it's been working fine.
>> However, one problem I have noticed is that whenever I boot the
>> system, NDISWrapper fails to detect the in-built wireless card. I try
>> reinstalling the drivers, or simply restarting the network service,
>> but it still fails to find the card. I have even tried a complete
>> removal of NDISWrapper, then reinstalling it via the Debian Package
>> Manager, but that didn't work. Then suddenly, seemingly at random,
>> after a reboot, it is sorted, and it detects it again, and everything
>> works as it should. This happens every time I shut the machine down
>> and boot it back up again, although after the first couple of times, I
>> realised I didn't need to reinstall anything, just continually reboot
>> until it detects it - I've still not found a pattern on doing anything
>> that suddenly makes it burst into life.
>> This isn't a massive problem, as usually I just hibernate the machine,
>> but occasionally I do restart it, and it's a pain to have to go
>> through this routine every time.
>> Does anyone have any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Loz
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