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Re: Lenny fan level "auto" not fast enough, Thinkpad x60

Daryl Styrk wrote:
> I am curious as well how to make this happen. What temps are you getting
> when it shuts down? I've seen my T61 get as hot as 158F/70C and still
> hadn't shutdown. With normal working temps around 102F/39C. 

Mine gets quite hot to say the least it claims 128C when it shuts down! I
definately would not want it to keep going beyond this. 

With the fan level set to disengaged it stays below 94C regardless of load.

The funny thing is that it used to cope with 24hr rendering sessions
with the auto setting and now it doesn't. I can't be sure about this
but it seems like the fan is much more quiet at max load and auto
setting these days. 

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