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Re: Installing a Broadcom 4312 rev 02 wifi card

Celejar wrote:
On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 14:46:06 +0100
Korrignu <korrignu@gmail.com> wrote:

i have some problems since i bought my new laptop
in fact i have a wifi card with a briadcom 4312 rev 02 chipset
and i don't know how to set up
i installed b43-fwcutter and then i load b43 module
but nothing happens
no new wireless interface etc...

so i don't know if this chipset is supported by the b43 module

if i install the broadcom STA/wl module, it works asa long as i don't
want to use a WPA-EAP with TTLS wifi network
because this lead to a kernel panic ...

have I somebody already installed this kind of wifi card ? and how ?
or have sombedy have some informations to do that ?

The 4312 is listed as supported:


Post the relevant dmesg excerpt and lspci output.

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I have this card in an HP 8000dv and it has never worked without ndiswrapper. That doesn't even work anymore. I don't know if the XP drivers were updated or not but b43-fwcutter always told me the firmware wasn't correct now no matter which driver I chose just before I finally dumped the card. It was a lousy card to begin with. Reception was very poor even using ndiswrapper and it would drop the connection at least once an hour. Every usb wifi card I tried reported far better signal strength from the same position and so did the Intel mini-pci cards. None of them dropped connections either. My advice, if you have the money to spend, is just get another card such as one of the intel mini-pci cards that fit into the same slot in the motherboard. They work much better and report much better signal strength. I know some people got 4312 card to work, but in my hardware configuration it never did work right. With ndiswrapper I couldn't use any security and with the open source driver it just plain old didn't work at all.
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