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Re: Lenny. How to start X from console with a chosen DM?

On 2009-02-27, Mark Goldshtein <mark.goldshtein@gmail.com> wrote:
> Actually, the task is not to start WindowMaker instead of KDE. I need
> them both and seek for ability to choose one at the moment of X
> session started. According to your method, will I have a chance to
> start X session with KDE?

I do the following (you'll need to install dmenu) in my .xinitrc:

WM=`dmenu -p "Window manager:" <<EOF
xterm &
exec $WM

which gives me the choice of ratpoison or fluxbox.  You can put
whatever you want (WindowMaker, startkde, gnome-session, ...) between
the WM= and EOF lines.


Eric S Fraga, UCL
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