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Re: [OT] Sidux, New HP AMD/ATI dv4 Pavilion - sound, fan, ...

Berni Elbourn <berni@elbournb.fsnet.co.uk>:
>  s. keeling wrote:
> > No, I've gkrellm displaying graphs of each core.  Flash videos spike
> > both to 100%, and xscreensaver ramps up there too.
>  Sorry I did not explain clearly. Powersaved will actually scale the 
>  processor speed back. So when under light load the CPU speed drops to 
>  800mhz say. And kpowersave will show this. Similarly Your fans will come 
>  on and off as needed.

When I looked, I found powersaved already installed, along with acpid
and cpufrequtils.  The fan never turns off, and cpu is 0-1% in both
cores, until I do something with it.

>  My Turion easily goes to 60C under load. I seem to recall the amd 

Mine was at 66C until I propped up its back feet.  Now it's 143.6F/62C.

>  website allows them to go up to 90C (YMMV)...just don't use  on your lap.

Good to know, thanks.  I was getting worried.  How long do laptop fans
last these days?

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