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Re: [OT] Sidux, New HP AMD/ATI dv4 Pavilion - sound, fan, ...

s. keeling wrote:
> Hi.  This is a nice box.  I've installed Sidux' latest on it.
> The fan runs constantly.  Gkrellm reports 161.6 F; is that normal?
> The machine is generally just ticking over, as in not doing anything.
> Why's the fan running constantly?
> I've spent the past three days hunting for clues.  k8temp kernel
> module, lm_sensors, ... no effect.  Suggestions please?
> AMD Turion Dual core, ATI Radeon graphics, 3 Gb RAM.
> Thanks.

That seems pretty hot to me.. Is that a constant temp?  Have you looked
for a hung process?  My T-61 is sitting at 102F currently and will climb
as high as 155-156F when something is hung up.  But the normal usage
temp swings between 102F - 122F..

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