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Re: [OT] Sidux, New HP AMD/ATI dv4 Pavilion - sound, fan, ...

s. keeling wrote:
Daryl Styrk <darylstyrk@gmail.com>:
 s. keeling wrote:
Hi.  This is a nice box.  I've installed Sidux' latest on it.

The fan runs constantly.  Gkrellm reports 161.6 F; is that normal?
The machine is generally just ticking over, as in not doing anything.
Why's the fan running constantly?

I've spent the past three days hunting for clues.  k8temp kernel
module, lm_sensors, ... no effect.  Suggestions please?

AMD Turion Dual core, ATI Radeon graphics, 3 Gb RAM.
 That seems pretty hot to me.. Is that a constant temp?  Have you looked
 for a hung process?  My T-61 is sitting at 102F currently and will climb
 as high as 155-156F when something is hung up.  But the normal usage
 temp swings between 102F - 122F..

Propping up its back feet, increasing airflow, takes it down to 140 F,
and the fan's backed off a lot.  lm_sensors is working, everything
else seems normal, ...  21st Cent. HW.  :-|

I am guessing your cores are running 100%. Try installing the powersaved - this should allow processor scaling. I find Kpowersave is a handy utility for monitoring this.


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