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Madwifi resume not resuming

I have recently acquired a Lenovo ThinkPad T400 laptop, and was able to
put Debian Testing on it without much fuss (a couple of minor issues,
such as the one I'm going to discuss below, and issues with voice in
Second Life, but that's another can of worms).

One thing that I discovered with the new college term is that resuming
after suspend is really hit or miss.  When it works, it works alright.
NetworkManager is a little slow to recover if I don't remember to
disable networking first.  MadWifi itself doesn't seem to want to resume
if I don't remember to disable networking in NetworkManager first.

If I remove the ath_pci module and wait a little bit before reinserting
it, NetworkManager is able to pick up where it left off if it doesn't
resume normally.

I have tried removing the ath_pci module by adding an rmmod line to
/etc/acpi/suspend.d/70-modules-unload.sh, and reinserting it with an
insmod line in /etc/acpi/resume.d/72-acpi-pain.sh, though this only
reduces the problem, it doesn't eliminate it.

Is there a good way to get madwifi to consistantly resume after being
suspended without a lot of hassle?  Is there a workaround or something
that I can try?

Thanks in advance.

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