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Re: Fujitsu Lifebook B-2131 : touchscreen doesen't work

On Tue, Jan 06, 2009 at 08:11:50PM +0100, Kim B.Christensen wrote:
> AFAIK, the support for the touchscreen ought to be included in the kernel: 
> originally the proper software could be found on www.conan.de, but he claims 
> that from 2.6.13 the code is merged with the kernel, so no extra modules are 
> needed.

not enough infos: you need to know which kernel driver he's talking about,
check it's compiled and installed for your current kernel.
Then check it gets loaded, and that it actually finds the hw it's supposed
to drive. So you need:
- to know which kernel config option must be enabled
- check you have such option/module enabled/installed
- check it's loaded with lsmod, or manually load it via modprobe / modconf
- check dmesg output for hints, telling you the modules has found the hw,
  providing hooks for apps (eg xorg) to do something useful with it
- check you've got the related xorg's input module installed, if avail
- and tell xorg to load it in xorg.conf (your's is pretty standard)
check docs/man pages for details, perhaps you need to do some other step
or ignore some of the above, or both.


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