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Re: Pen Drive Boot

Rob Smith wrote:
> What's wrong with using the CD/DVD drive on the machine and installing that way? Also, if you are upgrading, you can do this through Synaptic or apt-get. I just upgraded my Compaq Evo laptop that way yesterday. I'm running Ubuntu on it at present, but the same thing should be possible with Debian, as Ubuntu is Debian-based.
> BTW, the USB install went great, and I've now got EeeBuntu on my newly acquired Asus Eee 701.
> I know what you're saying regarding Sony. It seems that many of the companies building PCs are like that. My DSL line was acting flaky tonight and I dreaded calling AT&T for the reaction I'd get when I told the tech I was running Linux.
> Rob Smith
> Posted via WinMobilePro6.1
> I was pretty sure that is the case. Sony has a poor reputation for any
> type of customer support which is unusual or out of the mainstream,
> unfortunately. I asked them a simple question about the CPU in this rig
> and the first thing they told me was to uninstall Ubuntu and re install
> Windows XP or the laptop would be hosed. That was a year ago and it is
> still running great. I got it for free in a non functional condition,
> restored it to service and figured it was at least worth the price. I'm
> satisfied. I will continue looking for an update.
> Thank you very much,
> Jim
Actually I don't need to install from the pendrive. I want to use it
along with bootable CDs to trouble shoot systems that won't boot from
the HD for whatever reason. Most newer systems allow boot from USB
devices whether they be pendrives or USB attached HDs. The laptop I use
is 100% Microsoft free and I use it daily for just about everything.

Thank you


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