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Re: USB 1.1 too slow to burn DVD's?

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 07:26:37AM EDT, Tim Wood wrote:
> Chris Jones wrote:


> >Any recommendations?
> Not a recommendation but a comment as I did this.
> Be careful of the power requirement. I has a USB hard drive which needed 
> 1 amp. I bought a Connectland 2 port USB 2 PCMCIA Card but it needed an 
> external power supply to give more than 500mA. I bought one, doubling 
> the cost.

That was one of my concerns. 

>From a very general - intuitive .. standpoint my feeling also was that
this kinda takes away the simplicity of USB .. shades of Murphy's law, I

Then there was the mere physical aspect of whether the card would fit
in next to my pcmcia NIC and its dongles .. silly but hey .. you never
know ..

Another was whether the USB card might have conflicts with the NIC -

And then even if they play well with each other .. would the speed be
adequate to feed a DVD burner? 

In other words .. many things could go wrong.

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