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Re: Can't hibernate my HP 6715b

Andreas Richter wrote:
> schrieb Bob Proulx:
> My swap-partition is 4G big. I tested hibernate with a 8G swap file and it 
> doesn't work either.

Sigh.  Oh well...

> > To get to 4G all that is needed is CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G=y and that is the
> > default in stock Debian kernels.
> I can't find CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G in /boot/config-2.6.26-1-amd64. So it is 
> compiled in? I think not. 

AFAIK both HIGHMEM4G and the PAE extensions (BIGMEM) are 32-bit x86
only.  For 64-bit amd64 neither of those apply.  When I heard BIGMEM I
assumed we were talking about 32-bit x86.  Sorry.  I didn't read early
enough in the thread.

> I know apt-cache and the search option. But the search doesn't find any 
> result. I use lenny at the moment. Are there a bigmem kernel in sid?

Since you are using amd64 those don't apply to you and are not in your
architecture specific depot.  You would see them on an i386
architecture machine.

I only have "fud" (unsubstantiated memory from several years ago) that
hibernation hasn't been completely working on 64-bit systems.  You may
be tripping into one of the areas that hasn't been well traveled yet.
You might try looking at the notes from suspend2 / TuxOnIce mailing
list and see what resources you can find there.  I looked briefly and
found this thread.

  Subject: Is it possible to have 4GB of RAM on an AMD64 ?

That lead me to these wrapup messages:



I don't know if that is the same problem you are experiencing but at a
very quick look through it does sound similar.

Hope this helps!


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