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Re: Can't hibernate my HP 6715b

Am Wednesday 01 October 2008 21:55:08 schrieb Bob Proulx:
> Laurent Guignard wrote:
> > Andreas Richter a écrit :
> > > schrieb Ji ZhengYu:
> > >> As you have 4G memory, maybe change kernel to another which have
> > >> `bigmem' support is a good idea, and you will try this if it doesn't
> > >> work after doing above.
> This shouldn't be needed for 4G of ram.  That would be needed for >4G
> of ram.  But at 4G I think everything should be okay.
> > > When I take 2Gig of RAM out of my computer, the hibernate process
> > > works fine.
> Do you have enough swap space configured to save a 4G memory image?
> If it works with 2G then I suspect that it is failing with 4G because
> there isn't enough swap to save the image.

My swap-partition is 4G big. I tested hibernate with a 8G swap file and it 
doesn't work either.

> To get to 4G all that is needed is CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G=y and that is the
> default in stock Debian kernels.

I can't find CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G in /boot/config-2.6.26-1-amd64. So it is 
compiled in? I think not. 

> > > Where can i find a "bigmem"-kernel in debian? Must i compile this
> > > kernel by myself?
> >
> > You have just to run this command :
> > aptitude search bigmem | grep linux-image
> Or use apt:
>   apt-cache search linux-image bigmem

I know apt-cache and the search option. But the search doesn't find any 
result. I use lenny at the moment. Are there a bigmem kernel in sid?


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