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Re: Video problem with Debian etch-n-half


I tried the vga=771 parameter but nothing, it was the same.
Now i've switch to Debian Lenny and i did a minimal instalation with
video but it starts in run level 3 and the problem continues, so it's
not a video problem!
I've installed the b43 module and downloaded and cut the firmware,
i've not tried uninstalling the module, but could it be the reason of
the problem? could this module/firmware be the problem?

Diego A. Fons.

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 9:56 AM, Cavan Mejias <cavanmejias@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2008/9/6 Diego A. <diego.fons@gmail.com>
>> Hi,
>> I could solve the problem, i've installed the nVidia drivers and the
>> video is working fine. I also made the wireless card work (broadcom 43
>> somrthing) installing the b43-fwcutter from a contrib pool, i could'n
>> find it in the main pool.
>> That's ok, but now im having a strange problem, in single user mode
>> (without video) every thing goes fine, but in normal mode with
>> desktop, after 10, 15 minutes the laptop freezes, NOTHING van be done
>> exept powering it down and up again.
>> Has anyone have this problem? Any ideas? The kernel is booting with
>> default parameters.
>> Regards,
>> Diego A. Fons.
> I had that problem when I tried out 32bit debian on a Turion64 processor.
> After a while i went back to 64bit debian, as i only wanted the flash. I'd
> like to know what was happening too?
>                           Cavan

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