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Re: Maximum VGA output screen resolution

2008/9/4 Tony Godshall <togo@of.net>:
> But if you need the big screen, why the laptop?  Surely you get
> a better bang for the buck with a traditional motherboard/monitor
> setup.  Especially if you want a low-rez big screen.

The desktop is rather difficult to carry to the university every day.

> Personally, I think the whole big-screen low-rez thing
> is a red herring- people are used to operating systems
> and apps that can't adjust font and icon sizes.  Bigger
> screens should have higher rez and one should adjust
> the fonts and icons to the size that is comfortable for
> them.
> By the way, one cool trend coming out of "netbook"
> and moblin/maemo/hildon work is that big-icon maximized-
> app UIs are making a lot of progress- while they are
> aimed at small-screen devices (and moblin/maemo at
> some finger-operated devices), a lot of the same issues
> are directly applicable to larger screens and those with
> aging eyes.  In these cases the whole UI is geared toward
> a smaller number of pixels.

Agreed 100%

Dotan Cohen



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