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Re: Maximum VGA output screen resolution

>> Same with my old Sony Vaio PCG-8C3L aka
>> PCG-GRX560.  1600x1200.  That is, until the
>> display started to go (these days is is crisp in
>> text mode but goes nasty left-right flickery.
>> Anyhow, yes, I've been able to get video out through
>> the VGA connector at whatever resolution the
>> monitor would support (never tried past WUXGA)
>> over the years
> With a standard Debian / Ubuntu install? Or with some tweaking?

With Ubuntu on Dell and Sony.

>> Too bad you think the 15.4 display is too tiny-
>> I used 1600x1200 15.4" for quite a few years
>> as my primary display because it beat the pants
>> off the dual 1600x1200 21" tube displays my
>> employer provided.  Personally, my pet peeve
>> is vendors who keep increasing the size of
>> screens without increasing the number of pixels.
> My problem is eyesight- I'm only thirty, but I now have a hard time
> with this little screen. I remember when 640x480 14" was huge! Of
> course, at that time I was holding one of the meta keys while flipping
> the power switch, to boot into the 'older' version of the OS. Can you
> guess which OS that was by the description?

I understand.  Usually, though, this is remedied by "computer glasses"-
glasses like "reading glasses" but optimized for the distance to your monitor.

But if you need the big screen, why the laptop?  Surely you get
a better bang for the buck with a traditional motherboard/monitor
setup.  Especially if you want a low-rez big screen.

Personally, I think the whole big-screen low-rez thing
is a red herring- people are used to operating systems
and apps that can't adjust font and icon sizes.  Bigger
screens should have higher rez and one should adjust
the fonts and icons to the size that is comfortable for

By the way, one cool trend coming out of "netbook"
and moblin/maemo/hildon work is that big-icon maximized-
app UIs are making a lot of progress- while they are
aimed at small-screen devices (and moblin/maemo at
some finger-operated devices), a lot of the same issues
are directly applicable to larger screens and those with
aging eyes.  In these cases the whole UI is geared toward
a smaller number of pixels.

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