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Re: Sound Not working on T61

Hi All,

Thanks for your response. I've installed Debian-Etch 4.0 r1 initially. Now I have upgraded to Lenny, by editing sources.list and included non_free too in it.

But the problems that I had in Debian-Etch remains the same in Lenny too. Now I'm trying to recompile alsa module. as per Franklin's reply. I'm trying an easy method, by downloading and recompiling kernel 2.6.23. The link given by Franklin says that  the patch is included in 2.6.23.

After compiling the kernel 2.6.23, I got a Kernel panic also.
dev/console: no such file or directory. I'm getting this error whenever I try to compile a newer kernel version than the distribution provides. But if I mount the initrd file system manually, I can see /dev/console in it. I don't know why it cannot be detected. I remember that I started getting this error from 2.6 kernel onwards, in all my PCs that I have installed Debian. I will not get this kernel panic if the kernel version <= version of the kernel provided by the distribution.

jos collin

On Jan 24, 2008 10:51 PM, Jos Collin <joscollin@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, the following is the mail that I wrote to many linux groups. But not able to find a solution. An update to this problem is today I found that I don't need Alsa or esd to simulate this problem. I removed both but the sound is coming somehow when the tab key is pressed on a terminal. Now I don't know the reason why It is coming :-)


I brought a Thinkpad T61 recently and installed Debian on it. I'm able
to play audio  files using mplayer/ xmms. But the sound is coming only
if I do the following things on the terminal

1. Hold the tab key when the autocomplete cannot find a matching file name.
2. Hold the backspace key
3. Hold the right, left or down arrow keys.

While mplayer is playing the audio file, I have to do something on the
terminal which produces the beep sound, to get the audio output. But
the beep sound is not coming at all.

If anybody experienced this problem, please help me. So that I can
move away from my laptop while hearing music :-)

Jos Collin

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