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Re: fsck problem

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> and while mountig /dev/hda10 it has locked the entired Laptop...
> ...
> [root@aspire1350.private:~/] fsck.ext3 -c /dev/hda10
> Checking for bad blocks (non-destructive read-write test)
>        0 bad blocks

Since you have zero bad blocks you might consider not using the -c
option to run the badblocks program.  I have always assumed that this
would avoid a lot of machine resources if it is not needed.  Not sure
if this is related to your issue or not.

> but while mounting and transfering gigabyted of Debian packages to a
> local mirror /dev/sda10 or /dev/hda10 lost its ext3 journal again...

I am not sure what "lost its ext3 journal" means in detail.  How are
you observing and determining that?

Between booting and mounting and copying are you hibernating or
sleeping the machine?

> How to solv this problem?

This is not laptop specific and so if you don't find a satisfactory
answer here you might consider posting to the larger debian-user
audience.  There would be a larger pool of knowledge to draw from
there.  This looks to be specifically an ext3 issue.  But many people
do very similar things every day and don't see this problem and so the
difficulty will be to determine why your installation is somehow


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