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Re: sources.list file for sarge

Paolo, your Mail-Followup-To: specifies an address that is bouncing
with "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient
table".  I removed it from this message.  Contact me offline if you
want details.

Paolo wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Most archives and mirrors do support the named release tracks though.
> eg debian multimedia (and mirrors) is one of those where 'sarge' disappeared
> some months ago.

Yes, but on those "oldstable" disappeared too, because "sarge" and
"oldstable" are no longer current releases..  debian-multimedia does
support both "etch" and "stable" but I recommend using "etch" for the
reasons discussed.

> > automatic attempt to do a major upgrade.  It would be great to be able
> > to do an automatic upgrade across major versions.  But so much changes
> > that some hand-holding through the process has been required.
> yes, and I'd like a feature to apt-get/dselect/aptitude/whatever to set the
> limit of acceptable upgrades/deletes at once.

So that "stable" would work right up until everything changed? :-)


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