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Re: sources.list file for sarge

Paolo wrote:
> Franklin PIAT wrote:
> > deb ftp://ftp.mx.kernel.org/debian/ sarge main contrib
> besides, note that for some non-official archive you may need to write
> 'oldstable' in place of 'sarge', as not all maintain the aliases 
> name<-->*stable. So if an url fails, check directly with eg lynx(1).

Most archives and mirrors do support the named release tracks though.
So using "sarge" should be okay almost everywhere.  Only if that does
not work would I consider using "oldstable", because of the problem
you describe.  Same reason to use "etch" instead of "stable".

> And, of course, keep an eye on Debian release announcements: when current 
> stable -> oldstable, you suddenly see *lots* of upgrades would happen, 
> which might not be what you wanted (at that time) ;).

This is very much the reason why I would always recommend using the
named release (e.g. "etch") in the sources.list file.  It prevents an
automatic attempt to do a major upgrade.  It would be great to be able
to do an automatic upgrade across major versions.  But so much changes
that some hand-holding through the process has been required.


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